About Us


At tastin we want to delight and surprise our customers!

We passionately seek new products and flavors from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean. We choose the healthiest, most natural and tastiest ingredients and bring them to you with surprising and attractive packaging, so that the products have a modern and appetizing appearance. With exceptional quality, we seek to offer traditional and authentic products, with a touch of modernism.

At tastin, we respect the nature and tradition of the products - but we add a subtle touch with unique and exclusive recipes.

When tasting our products, you will be surprised by the pleasure of tasting and, above all, by the stimulation of the senses!

the best on earth, for you…

In order for the earth to give us the food we need, we have to nourish and respect it.

Sustainability means producing food without degrading the earth's resources or polluting the environment. Our cultures are made in the same way as Nature - self-sustaining.

Self-sustaining nature promotes biodiversity, recycles nutrients, protects soil from erosion and conserves water. In this way, we try to stop and reverse the devastation that industrial-scale production methods have caused to water and soil.

We specialize in the best quality and fresh, seasonal and local ingredients for our products: fresh vegetables straight from the garden, aromatic herbs, olive oil from the olive groves that surround us, wines from carefully selected terroirs, artisanal cheeses. made with the natural passion of the artisans around us;

...a relentless pursuit of quality

At tastin we are dedicated to producing and preparing natural foods.

They must be fresh, full of texture, succulent and tasty - with the complement of vitamins and minerals that can only come from natural foods and that must be consumed at their best: in season.

In line with this philosophy, whenever possible, the practice is organic and the agriculture is sustainable, without the use of dangerous pesticides and herbicides on our crops.

When we eat natural foods, we taste and feel the difference through the stimulation of the senses.

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