Delicious Portuguese sardines, bathed in Olive oil, mixed harmoniously with the flavour and acid tinge lent by lemon, or bathed in a delicious Tomato sauce for a special gourmet tasting, provides a special taste and plentiful health benefits .

Sardines “tastin”, are harvested by local fisherman in the north coast of Portugal and canned with only fresh fish!
Tasting these newest proposals, people surrender to the alliance between tradition / and quality with the inovation and knowledge of tastin.

tastin is definitely linked to the highest quality natural food products, in association with the discovery of new trends and tastes.

This purpose leads tastin to travel the world looking for natural and healthy products and, with the aim of making known the delights of Portuguese cuisine.

Combining high quality products, with our own recipes, resulting in a final product unique and exclusive, with a flavor that is familiar to us because it recognizes the flavor of authenticity!