At tastin we aspire to delight and surprise our customers!

We passionately search new products and flavors from the Mediterranean up to the Atlantic Ocean with its freshness.

We search healthy, natural and tasty ingredients offered with amazing and appealing packaging to create the most trendy and desirable products. With exceptional quality, we aim to deliver traditional and authentic products with a touch of modernism.

At tastin we respect the nature and tradition of a product – but with a subtle touch and with unique and exclusive recipes we enrich it.

When tasting our products a discovery is made – and all senses are activated with pure delight


the best from earth, for you…

To get great products from earth we have to nurture and to respect it all the time.

Sustainability means to produce food without degrading the environment or harming the ecosystem.

Our cultures are grown the same way as Nature – self-sustainably.

Self-sustainability promotes bio-diversity, nutrients regeneration, soil erosion protection and upholds the water. Following this approach, we wish to contribute to the prevention of devastation and negative impacts from the large scale production .

For our ingredients, we specialized ourselves on the best quality and freshness, seasonal and local products: fresh vegetables straight from the garden, aromatic herbs, olive oil from the surrounding groves and terroirs, criteriously and passionately selected.



…a never ending search for quality

At tastin we are dedicated to creating and offering genuine great products..

Our ingredients are full of freshness, texture and flavored.

Due to their natural origin, our products are offered preserving their vitamins and mineral contents, created by nature, when they are at their best – the harvest season.

Obeying to this philosophy, the farming procedures are sustainable always as possible, without the usage of pesticides or herbicides.

When eating natural food, we taste and feel the difference, stimulating all senses


tastin & castello…

Innovation and quality is the heart of our business

tastin developed especially for Castello a new line of gourmet products to pair with the delicious cheeses offered at Castello Pop-Up stores